About Us


Family recipes sit in the vault of our heritage that specialises in quality premium pastries.

When was the last time you wanted a quiche or family pie for your business and wondered whether the ingredients were fresh and made simple? 

We want to answer that question with a loyal yes!  

Our family prides itself on bringing our wholesale customers simple baked goods, fresh daily for their businesses. Our systems and practices have been handed down through bakers who know how to produce goods that fill the heart with the knowledge that all the ingredients are free from preservatives and additives.

Our kitchens are located north of Perth in Western Australia, and we pride ourselves on making sustainable practice a part of our companies mandate.

With the increase of gluten-free products required from our loyal customer base, we have recently released a new range specialising in catering for those with allergies. 

The Wholefood Bakery brings your favourites to your business, made fresh and tasty.